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Ever-E-Nownthen. I find something in one of my other, old… - .yellow.was.too.yesterday. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 27th, 2007|04:56 pm]

I find something in one of my other, old livejournals that I feel is funny. And then I repost it.

(I'm egotistical)

dimmeymonco9396: hey
PineappleSoySaws: hi
dimmeymonco9396: 21/m/pa u?
PineappleSoySaws: I hate a/s/l
dimmeymonco9396: i wanna roleplay
PineappleSoySaws: Really? Okay I like to pretend I am having sex with pirates
dimmeymonco9396: what roles are we
dimmeymonco9396: sorry i wont be a real pirate
PineappleSoySaws: you are the pirate, I am the other pirate
PineappleSoySaws: HARRRRR
PineappleSoySaws: say it
dimmeymonco9396: um..no
PineappleSoySaws: Haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr
PineappleSoySaws: Aye matey! Swab me deck!
dimmeymonco9396: pick a realistic role
PineappleSoySaws: okay okay
PineappleSoySaws: how about you can be the wizard....
PineappleSoySaws: and I can be the little farm girl
dimmeymonco9396: real roles
PineappleSoySaws: and you cast a crazy sex spell on me
PineappleSoySaws: ....
PineappleSoySaws: that is real
PineappleSoySaws: okay okay....
dimmeymonco9396: no
PineappleSoySaws: Ill be the the customer, and you be the cute pizza boy
dimmeymonco9396: alright
dimmeymonco9396: name n age in it
PineappleSoySaws: Okay my name will be....Cookie, and I am 21
dimmeymonco9396: Khalil 16
dimmeymonco9396: ill start
dimmeymonco9396: :::im in work taking orders from people n cutting up the pizzas n u...:::
PineappleSoySaws: *Call the pizza place* ring.....ring/...
dimmeymonco9396: ::i pick up and say "antonios pizza"
PineappleSoySaws: "Hi I want a sardine pizza"
dimmeymonco9396: "we dont have those"
PineappleSoySaws: "I love the taste of fish....Ill take a cheese pizza"
dimmeymonco9396: "pick up or delivery"
PineappleSoySaws: "delivery"
dimmeymonco9396: "address
PineappleSoySaws: ":5555 N Random street"
dimmeymonco9396: "ok 20 minutes"
PineappleSoySaws: "bye"
dimmeymonco9396: "bye"
dimmeymonco9396: ::i hang up:::
dimmeymonco9396: ::20 minutes later i arrive at ur front step n i ring the dorbell::
PineappleSoySaws: *opens door*
PineappleSoySaws: Hi
dimmeymonco9396: "9.75"
PineappleSoySaws: All I have is a fifty
dimmeymonco9396: "i can take that"
dimmeymonco9396: i laugh
PineappleSoySaws: I need change
PineappleSoySaws: I bet your arm is tired....
PineappleSoySaws: I bet you wanna put that heavy pizza down
PineappleSoySaws: I bet you wanna do the tango with a leprachuan....dont you *laughs maniacally*
dimmeymonco9396: :::i put it down on u table::
PineappleSoySaws: Hey who let you in my house
dimmeymonco9396: ::i have a pissed offf look on my face::
PineappleSoySaws: Don't look so angry
PineappleSoySaws: Hang on...lemme go slip into something more comfortable
PineappleSoySaws: *walks out
PineappleSoySaws: ....................
PineappleSoySaws: ........................
PineappleSoySaws: ..............................
PineappleSoySaws: *walks back in dressed like a pirate*
PineappleSoySaws: HArrrrr matey!
PineappleSoySaws: matey?
PineappleSoySaws: matey?
dimmeymonco9396: "ur nuts"
PineappleSoySaws: Deeeeez nuts!
PineappleSoySaws: I like nuts
PineappleSoySaws: * suggerstive look*
PineappleSoySaws: HARRRRRR!
PineappleSoySaws: H...a....r....r....r...?
dimmeymonco9396: bye
PineappleSoySaws: STELLAAAAA
PineappleSoySaws: I love you
PineappleSoySaws: Oh pizza boy
PineappleSoySaws: Harrr....

From: mostly_goth
2007-06-27 11:38 pm (UTC)
What the fuck? That was very silly, but must have been fun.
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[User Picture]From: cookiebite
2007-06-28 12:36 am (UTC)

U r teh crazeh.

T-minus 3 days and counting.
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